Jobs & Interviews 

How to prepare for Interview

The Most Significant part of your life after completing your Degree is to search job and settle in life .

First you have to be  mentally prepare for it .

Analyse your strength and weakness .

Be clear in your ideas .

Try to rectify all your Negative points .

Refer suitable Books concerned to your career or field .

Grasp important points and register in your mind .

Search some significant  points that are available via internet .

you have to be bold and try to Mono act as how you will present in front of the Interviewer.

Try to improve your power of language and reduce  stammering .This is will help you in 50% of your Job search .

Next comes the technical part of interview preparation .

Thoroughly prepare from all the available sources concerned to your area .

Highlight the importants points and memorise each and every thing like how you present these in front of the interview .

Finally you have to go neatly dressed and  Always use light coloured cloths and a good pair of polished Shoes for interview .

All the Best For your  Interview .


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